“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

– Henry Ford

Constantly managing and monitoring our Residential Supervisors is one of the keys to our success.  Criteria laid down by the School, designed to exceed stipulations of The National Minimum Standards where possible, are constantly assessed against delivery from our staff.  This is effectively achieved through a combination of Hyline Education Services and the School measuring consistency and compliance. Meetings are thoroughly documented.  Actions required are clearly assessed, discussed and dealt with swiftly

As with any partnership working, there has to be commitment from both parties.  Among our commitments must be our promise to supply consistent staff to a residence.  The School will commit to continuous enhanced training.

Our staff ensure that the students feel safe, secure and happy in their environment.  Extensive pastoral training, developed with the full co-operation of the School, helps to fulfil the health, wellbeing and happiness areas of their stay.  Developed Security training re-enforces safety aspects.

A question raised by Ofsted to us was “how do you ensure that your staff are onsite?”  We install an electronic tagging system throughout the residence.  This forms a patrol.  On each visit, a “tag” is swiped.  This then provides an electronic account of the time, date, location and the person undertaking the patrol.  It is uploaded automatically online within 10 seconds of swiping.  Clients are given free access to these live reports relating to their particular residence or school.  This was commented as “outstanding” by one Inspector

Each residence has full dedicated assignment instructions.  These are compiled working in co-operation with the School.  They provide the operating procedures of the residence, along with guidance on Safeguarding, Anti-Radicalisation, Drugs Awareness and other relevant topics.