“Because every child in the world has one thing in common. Their rights”

– Unknown


“Hyline Education Services is fully committed to meeting its responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of Students, Under 18’s and Vulnerable Adults under its care.  The Company will actively promote openness and awareness to employees, instilling a culture of prevention and protection”


The Company accepts its responsibilities to ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to minimise the risks of harm to the welfare of students under our care and control.  From our Staff perspective, this begins as part of our recruitment process which is continuously monitored and measured via staff appraisals and assessments.

Education Assessment Forms, completed by staff members, with a Hyline manager will assess any needs for additional training if required.  These Forms are completed on a bi-annual basis, forming part of our Staff Development Programme.  Results are fed back to the School, and further training arranged if necessary.


All staff are made fully aware of reporting procedures regarding Child Protection, Safeguarding and Anti-Radicalisation.  Details of The Designated Protection Officers for each School are readily made available to them, along with contact details.  Local Authority details are also included within the detailed Assignment Instructions for each Residence.  Confidentiality measures are thoroughly inducted.