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    Understanding how the Education Sector operates allows us to work closely with our clients to install processes and procedures designed to exceed any sector standards. We take “standard” requirements and look to ways to improve them, resulting in a better boarding experience for your students.

    For example, our bespoke “Residential Supervisor” breaks the traditional House Parent scenario where no one is available for your students after 1130pm due to being asleep. Although being on call, is it fair to ask a fifteen-year-old student to have the confidence to wake a House Parent in the middle of the night for assistance or report feeling unwell? We operate a 24-hour awake service meaning someone is available for your students at any time of the day or night. This unique position has evolved through working closely with numerous schools, colleges, and principals to establish what is missing, then putting procedures in place to ultimately improve the student experience.

    Another example – throughout all sites we operate – we place discreet “electronic tags”. These are swiped each time a patrol is undertaken of the residence, providing immediate online data of the time, date, and person patrolling. This has been commented as “outstanding” on an OFSTED Inspection, adding to the security of your students.

    Working with our clients, we learn from each other. Understanding the need to provide more than just somewhere to sleep for an attending student led us to organise out of hours cooking classes, quiz nights and many more innovative ideas to help stimulate the student, making their stay more enjoyable.

    Still not sure how we can help you? Check our “Case Studies” page where we provide two examples of the commitment we supply to our clients.


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